Multicultural Programs: Combining Art and Storytelling

These are just some of the thematic storytelling programs from other cultures that I have done over the years.  My own cultural background is Scandinavian and I grew up hearing troll stories from Norway, but I also have studied Chinese and have traveled in South East Asia.  I enjoy developing new programs to meet the needs of schools, libraries, and museums, and especially exploring how cultures borrow from and intersect with one another at different points in time.


Chinese Stone Rubbings—Confucian Tales from the Wu Liang Shrine

Finding Trolls in the Natural World—Norwegian Folktales

Indonesian Stories and Mask-making

Hindu mythical tales and storytelling on cloth

Firefly stories from Around the World



Trolls are found in natural rock formations throughout Scandinavia, where it was believed that they turned to stone at sunrise.  In the workshop children create troll forms out of natural, found objects (branches, stones, and moss), based on the stories they have heard, and then draw their own troll characters.

The Wu Liang Shrine, dating from 151 A.D. in the Shandong province, is an offering shrine that houses numerous stone carvings, depicting stories that bring to life the workings of early Confucian ideology. The images have come to the West as rubbings that have been done of the original carvings.  In the workshop, we explore several of these stories and think about creating our own rubbings of omens that might effect the balance of the cosmos.